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Welcome to the World’s first Club for the commercialization of “Invisible Trade” projects.

Globally applicable online projects that provide trade amongst global citizens in the most ESG effective manner.

Doing our best to assist in accelerating the World’s journey to net zero emissions,  with the minimum effect on global resources.

We are building and utilizing the World’s largest “Crowd Review Projects & Implementation Club”.

A community of like-minded people, united by common goals to achieve outstanding results.

Our concept

Environmental Social governance

At Crowd Club, our ESG underpins all our activities across all jurisdictions where we or one of our affiliates operate.

It sets out our global approach to sustainable purpose and forms the basis of our decisions by focusing on business ethics and compliance, people and culture and community involvement.


About Us

The Crowd Club

As Club members, we had seen far too many great ideas never getting the opportunity to launch, and we were determined for that to change.

The concept of our Crowd Club was born. Our goal is to become recognized as the World’s “best” at what we do, the commercialization of “Invisible Trade” projects.

Global Invisible Trade Definition:


An invisible trade is an international transaction that does not include an exchange of tangible goods.

Customer service outsourcing, overseas banking transactions, and the medical tourism industry are all examples of invisible trade.

In fact, any transaction that is associated with a value but not with physical goods could be called an invisible trade.

Crowd Club

The Club

Our framework provides new ventures with the highest possible chance of succeeding. We are harnessing the power of “crowd” inclusiveness, ideas, and ingenuity.

Members democratically review, vote on assisting, further reviewing and the planning of new venture projects. Ongoing member community feedback feeds into our continuous business improvement and ongoing development cycles (“agile development”).

Our intention is to recycle the framework into many projects. As a Club we have already secured a large portfolio of valuable Domain Name real estate that will form the foundation of future ventures.


Benefits of Membership

Members are a part of a community of like minded people, that are united by common goals to achieve outstanding results. Membership incentives and rewards are included within the framework of each and every project.

Proposed new venture poll


Dear Members, we are requesting your vote on our latest proposed new Invisible Trade Project.

“A summary description of the Project will be inserted here”.

I urge you to vote “yes” if you believe this project would be beneficial for our Crowd Club and the industry.

However, if you have any concerns or objections, please vote “no.”

Your vote is important and will be taken into consideration when making a final decision. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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The Club dedicated to the Commercialization of Global “Invisible Trade” projects.

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